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Revelation Illustrated

revelation illustrated

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Revelation Illustrated
This pioneering work brings John’s visions to life.
Powerful, clear-cut illustrations help you discover Revelation’s beauty and discern its deeper connections and significance.

John’s visions are plotted for you verse by verse in 420 illustrations. Compact summary pages help visualize Revelation’s broad outlines. Thematic infographics zoom in to reveal elusive patterns, structures, and connections.

In Revelation Illustrated, Ruben van der Plas takes a revolutionary approach to exploring Revelation. He neatly and meticulously outlines the ancient text, successfully sidestepping having to take a theological side. This book offers a unique look at the Apocalypse accessible to anyone eager to tackle the Bible’s last book.

It’s your chance to catch a never before seen glimpse of the book of Revelation.

Revelation Illustrated is a non-profit project.
As its author, my mission is to make the book of Revelation accessible – not just to theologians, but everyone. Please help spread the word. Leave an Amazon rating and review to give more people the chance to understand Revelation better.
Read here about the why behind this book.


  • 420 vibrant verse-by-verse illustrations of John’s visions
  • compact summary pages that visualize the broad outlines of Revelation
  • clear thematic infographics about characters, places, time, structure, symbolism, and references
  • scripture excerpts from the NIV Bible

“This graphic overview opens the reader’s eyes to the structure and message of the image-rich book of Revelation.”
Rob van Houwelingen – New Testament Professor Emeritus, Kampen Theological University, The Netherlands


revelation illustrated
John's revelation verse by verse in 420 illustrations
John's visions in clear thematic infographics
study references and allusions to the Hebrew Bible